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Pre-Flight Assurance

Weather Analysis

Comprehensive weather reports and forecasts to ensure optimal and flight conditions.

Customized Pre-Flight Check

Tailored safety checks to meet the industry's;s highest standards.

Continuous Audits

Regular updates on FAA and NTSB actions, pilot qualifications, safety records, aircraft certifications, and insurance.

At AU Aviation LLC, safety is the cornerstone of our operations. Led by our Director of Operations with our Director of Maintenance, a dedicated Dispatcher, Commercial Chief Pilot, and Ground Operations, we adhere to the highest safety standards. Our rigorous internal and external guidelines ensure that every flight meets the industry’s best safety practices.

Our Comprehensive Services

Worldwide Flight Mapping and Permitting Embark on your journey with confidence. Our dedicated dispatch team meticulously plans and coordinates your flights globally. We handle every detail, from mapping optimal routes to securing necessary permits, and ensuring compliance with FAA, CAA, and CEN safety regulations. Your safety is our top priority.

Crew Training Experience unparalleled professionalism with our highly trained crew. Adhering to the highest FAA standards, our crew undergoes continuous training and development to exceed strict criteria. We manage pilots under our Part 135 Certificate, ensuring complete control over crew and pilots.

Scheduling Effortlessly manage your travel itinerary with our expert scheduling services. Our team ensures your aircraft is maintained, fueled, and flight-ready at a moment’s notice. We offer flexibility and efficiency, accommodating last-minute adjustments or long-term planning to suit your needs.

Jet Maintenance Safeguard your investment with our comprehensive maintenance services. Our specialized team employs industry-leading practices to keep your aircraft in optimal condition. From routine inspections to thorough engine checks, we prioritize safety and FAA compliance, identifying potential issues and recommending repairs and modifications.

Financial Transparency Stay informed with our detailed financial reporting services. Each month, receive a comprehensive Owner’s Statement outlining all economic activity related to our management services. Gain valuable insights, track expenses, and make informed decisions with transparency and clarity.

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